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$trike It - Lotto!
Lottery games are random but patterns can still be observed from the balls that are randomly drawn for different periods of time. $trike It - Lotto! is a cool, powerful and comprehensive lottery software that allows you to scrutinize the various statistical and graphical analysis and to identify the patterns for any Lotto and Powerball lottery games in the world. Based on these patterns, you can pick your balls intelligently or narrow your field of play, thereby reducing your odds and increasing your chances of winning! The Golden Balls feature also helps you in eliminating unlikely balls based on the current patterns. You can further use any one of the 433 lottery wheels to cover a wide range of balls in your play at a minimum cost. Alternatively, you may also use our unique QuickPick function to randomly generate your games based on your selected balls. Export function is also available for you to save the information into Excel (CSV) files or text files. Various worldwide lottery games are supported and the latest results can be easily and automatically updated @ a click of a button. You can also create your database for your favourite lottery game. Read our testimonial on our website and start playing your favourite lottery with an advantage!

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Publisher:Pastime Software
Date Added:4/17/2003
File Size:7409000
File Name:si31.exe
Requirements:At least 8MB disk space
Software Type:Shareware


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' $trike It - Lotto! ' in Lifestyle/Hobbies > Hobbies folder