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3wGet is the powerful download manager for downloading files from Internet with the best possible speed which your connection can give you. It's achieved due to splitting downloading file onto several sections, each of which is downloading simultaneously. 3wGet can resume broken downloads (because of lost connection, Windows crashing, etc.). 3wGet is very easy to use. While downloading it will show current state of your download (speed, size, time left, etc.). If downloading of some file is impossible, 3wGet will describe the reason. 3wGet has advanced Scheduler which helps to fully automate your downloads. It can automatically dial-up connection, download any files, hang-up connection and shutdown your computer. Also 3wGet has Web Explorer which helps to download groups of files and folders from internet servers. 3wGet doesn't include any ad system.

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Publisher:3wGet Software
Date Added:9/24/2003
File Size:315703
Version:1.0 beta
Requirements:Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
Software Type:Shareware


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' 3wGet ' in Internet > Connectivity folder