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About Babylonia
Do you also think that learning words is not the most fun of learning a foreign language and would you like to do it more quickly and more efficiently? Then Babylonia may be something for you. You enter a wordlist, select a few words for an exercise, and then you can have your computer test those words. Babylonia is very user-friendly and it's supplied with extensive help and a manual, so that you can get started quickly.

Why would you be able to learn words more quickly and more efficiently than in the old way without a computer? The most important thing is that words that you don't master so well, are asked more often than words that you do master well. Furthermore words are always asked in random order. You can easily set which words you want to test and how they must be tested. Besides your progress is stored in the wordlist, so that you can abort an exercise at any moment and continue later where you left off.

Most work is entering the words, but once you have done that, you can also make use of the features of a computer. You can search for words in Babylonia and use your wordlist as a kind of electronic dictionary. And you can also easily make an alphabetical wordlist by sorting words. Furthermore you can exchange wordlists with other programs to print them for example.

The program can be used for many languages, also languages that use a different script than English. But you need support for that on your computer. The help that is supplied with Babylonia, contains information about European languages. For non-European languages you sometimes need separate software that's not always free.

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Publisher:Dennis Hofs
Date Added:8/9/2002
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' Babylonia ' in Educational > Language > Other Languages folder