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[0]Zero Footprint Crypt
Use the powerful encryption algorithms (six algorithms provided including Blowfish, Twofish and more) to encrypt files and totally wipe the original file off the drive. The inbuilt viewers allow you to view many common types of files including movie, image and sound files. Specially for the image files supported, you may choose to view these without decrypting them to a file (zero footprint). This process allows for maximum security as the (decrypted) file is not created on your hard drive, but created in memory and viewed from there. The application allows for the creation of Self Extracting executable files - these can contain encrpyted files. When the SFX file is opened it will automatically decrypt the contents of the file (assuming the user knows the password.) Full windows integration is supported including drag and drop from the Windows Explorer and integration within the windows menu. Creation of archives using powerful compression algorithm is provided using the inbulit compressor.

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Publisher:Baroufa Soft
Date Added:4/28/2004
File Size:3323244
File Name:zero_footprint_setup.exe
Software Type:Freeware


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' [0]Zero Footprint Crypt ' in Utilities > Security > Encryption folder