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Drape: Drawing Programming Environment
It has some resemblance to Logo but Drape is completely visually oriented. Children don't need to be able to read. Like in Logo, programs in Drape create a drawing. A program in Drape consists of a number of commands. There are commands that draw lines and shapes, commands that move to a particular position, commands that set properties, like color, line width and size, and control commands, e.g. to repeat commands, to call procedures, and to test for mouse buttons. Each command is represented by a little picture. A program is a sequence of these pictures. You create a program by dragging the pictures to the appropriate place in the sequence.

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Publisher:Mark Overmars
Date Added:8/9/2002
File Size:N/A
File Name:drape2.0
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' Drape: Drawing Programming Environment ' in Educational > Miscellaneous folder