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European Air War
Take to the skies over Europe during the most dangerous days of World War II. Pilot 20 authentic fighter aircraft from Great Britain, Germany and the United States.
Defend the skies of southern England from waves of German bombers, fight off harrying Messerschmitts while escorting B-17s deep into the heart of the Third Reich, or engage in savage dogfights over France.
Unsurpassed graphics and a dynamic game world will captivate you in this sequel to the critically acclaimed and award-winning 1942: Pacific Air War .
  • Authentic aircraft flight models and detailed renderings of all cockpits.

  • Missions that include up to 256 planes in the air simultaneously.
    Combat missions include Fighter Sweep, Bomb Target, Escort Flight, Intercept and Interdiction.
    Campaign mode enables you to improve your skills over time and assume greater leadership over your squadron.
    A Newsreel feature including historical film footage.
    Multiplayer dogfights and cooperative missions. 8 players supported on LAN and TCP/IP, 2 players supported for serial and modem connections.

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Publisher:MicroProse, Inc.
Date Added:3/25/2003
File Size:N/A
File Name:EAW_us_demo.exe
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' European Air War ' in Game > Simulators > Flight Sims folder