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SpyNet is a revolutionary sniffer package that literally reconstructs it's captures while capturing them. This includes telnet, POP, ICQ, HTTP, login, etc.

Why SpyNet?

SpyNet tells you what traffic is going through your system. If a hacker attacks your system, firewalls will tell you so in many situations. But sniffers grab the evidence. Until now, that evidence was very hard to figure out with the naked eye. But, SpyNet literally reconstructs their keystrokes and movements.

SpyNet will reconstruct web browsing sessions on your local network, it will even fake cookies for entry into password protected websites that were entered.

It will tell you not only who else is connected to your system, but what they are doing. For System Administrators, it tells you exactly what your network users are doing right there and then. This means with the push of a button you can see what Computer 19 is browsing, or if Computer 20 is trying to use your proxy to hack into a website or view non-work related sites.

For home cable modem users, SpyNet will tell you what programs are accessing the net and what they are doing when they are accessing the net. It will tell you what a hacker is trying to do when your firewall starts screaming that someone is attempting to hack your system.

Quick Feature Look

SpyNet is comprised of two packages, CaptureNet and PeepNet. CaptureNet is the sniffer portion, and PeepNet takes the live captures and reconstructs what is happening... not into code or bar graphs... but into what is actually being typed, what the other person is seeing on their screen.

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' SpyNet ' in Utilities > Network Utilities folder